Vision for the Facility

The Shema Messianic community desires a place to keep the Sabbaths and Festivals, as well as to provide sufficient space for community and multi-community celebrations as well as providing a “home base” facility for Messianic believers to work from and establish their ministries.

The vision for the Shema Ministries facility supports two primary functions:

  1. To be a home base for Messianic believers to freely use to birth the ministries that the Lord called them to establish.  Once a ministry has been established, it would move on to its own facility making room for the next ministry(ies) to be birthed.

  2. To be a home base for Shema Messianic Community, who will be the facility administrators and provide teaching, training and equipping for leaders who have been called to birth ministries. The space will be used for community, multi-community and city-wide Messianic celebrations such as pilgrimage festivals.

The ideal facility will include the following:

·      A dedicated sanctuary for all Holy Convocations with attached cry rooms

·      24-7 Prayer Room - A worship room to soak in His presence corporately

·      24-7 Prayer Closets - Rooms to soak in His presence individually

·      Audio Recording Studio - For recording Biblically-based audio podcasts

·      Video Recording Studio - For recording Biblically-based video podcasts

·      Musicians recording studio - For recording Biblically-based, live music that glorifies the King of kings

·      Dance Ministry Room - A room dedicated to practicing and teaching Spirit led dance, as well as recording educational dance videos

·      Media, Design & Editing Center - A multi-workstation office for Messianic believers to work from for free so they can build and birth the ministry that Yeshua put into their hearts:  This center will have:

o   Computers

o   Printers

o   Copy machines

o   Binding machines

o   Other basic office equipment which individuals can use to build ministry websites, prepare teaching, ministry and evangelistic materials to establish their ministries

·      Conference Rooms - Large, medium and small rooms available for all ministry needs

·      Healing Rooms - Small rooms with an intimate setting for the Healing of the Heart Ministry

·      Classrooms – Available for teachings, small groups and meetings

·      Coffee bar - With multiple Keurig machines for round-the-clock, self serve convenience

·      iBrary – An electronic learning center with iPads pre-loaded with Bibles, study guides, commentaries, Messianic books and internet access for anyone to use for free in the iBrary & Coffee Bar

·      Large and small theaters for media such as:

o   Biblical Movies

o   Biblical Documentaries

o   Biblically Based Presentations & Teachings

·      Festival Celebration Hanger on approximately 100 acres with a full kitchen for citywide festivals and celebrations.  This facility may be separate from the primary ministry location.

·      Healing of the Heart Ministry Retreat Center located in the Rocky Mountains in order to provide intensive individual spiritual and emotional healing, as well as a retreat getaway which would be free for full time pastors and their immediate family members.  This Retreat Center would have a Bed & Breakfast ambiance.

·      Food bank to provide food for widows, orphans and the needy

·      Hospitality Suites for:

o   Weddings

o   Funerals

o   Receptions

o   Small celebrations

·      Children's classrooms for:

o   Shabbat classes

o   Evening classes & Torah study

o   Home school co-op (weekdays)

·      Nursery Center

·      Laundry room for festival, celebration & oneg linens

·      Men's and Women's exercise Rooms

·      Garage & workshop for property maintenance & equipment storage

·      Elevator access to ALL levels

·      The location(s) will be wherever the Lord puts us